23 May 2018

How to start working from home / Getting ready for working from home - Part 1

Now a days everyone wants to work from home but many of them not succeed or leave trying. It happens because they are not prepared before starting. If you want to start working from home successfully then you need to get ready for it.

Yes!! you need to prepare well then only you can successfully work from home. You need some basic things before you start searching work from home job.

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In this post we will guide you about how to get ready for working from home.

How to get ready : 

For working from home you need few necessary things. 

Personal Computer / Laptop - 

For working from home the first thing you need is your personal computer / laptop. With share computer you will never successfully work from home. If you will use shared computer then data privacy, timely availability of computer will be the issues. Many clients prefer candidates with personal computer so this is a must have for working from home.

Reliable, High Speed Internet Connection - 

The another essential thing is reliable and high speed internet connection. Without good and high speed internet connection you will never able to complete your tasks on time and follow deadlines. It is always good to keep one backup internet connection handy for emergencies.

Emergency means think if you have a project or work due today evening and today morning your BSNL / MTNL internet is not working because of any problem, how you will complete the work without internet??? so in this emergency your mobile internet can help you so keep any 4G Jio / Airtel or any other preferred internet service handy for emergencies.

Desk / Computer table & Office Chair- 

When you are working you must feel like you are doing a job so a working desk is essential. Keep your computer / laptop, internet router and other essentials on your desk. Keep it clean, a messy desk is not good for concentrating.

Office chair is essential because sometimes to complete any task you need to work for more hours. Seating on regular chair or bed can cause neck and back aches. Table and chair setup will give you feel of working in office and you can give your best services.

Good Smartphone - 

Like computer a good smartphone is also required so that you can get connected with your email and can reply your clients or employer when outside of your home office. Connectivity is very important when you are working from home. If your employer feel disconnected or not able to contact you in any emergency then your job will be in danger.

Peaceful place with less noise - 

When working from home place is very important. Select any peaceful, quite place for your work desk. Keeping your desk near TV or any place where other family members are taking or watching TV is not a good place to work, you cannot concentrate on your work and chances of errors which will lead low quality output and it is not good. So peaceful place is very important for working from home.


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